The Hearses of West Coast Haunters Convention

West Coast Haunters Convention Hearses

The West Coast Haunters Convention happened this past weekend in Portland, Oregon. Haunters and Halloween enthusiasts gathered at the Lloyd Center Hilton Hotel to show off props, hearses, costumes, and products for one of the most creative holidays in the year. A few other hearses were on display, but only stayed for a short time.

I did not take many photos of WCHC this year. The hearses and the werewolf masks is pretty much it.I felt it was much better to enjoy the convention and the costume ball without a camera up at my eye. It is also difficult for me to photograph while wearing a full head mask.

My photos of the werewolf masks from various vendors are featured on my werewolf website at


Old Thunderbird Inn Fire

Old Thunderbird Hotel Fire

On September 2, 2012, a fire destroyed half of the the abandoned Thunderbird Inn on Hayden Island in Portland, Oregon. Today, much of the hotel no longer exists except for a few hotel room clusters.

Update June 11, 2017: Rodeway Inn renovated the rooms and added a new lobby to one of the clusters. The remaining hotel clusters was then open for business.

Columbia Hills Waterfall

Columbia Hills Waterfall

Fivemile Creek is a small creek trickling down the Columbia Hills. This scene captures Fivemile Creek trickling over the basalt rocks in Columbia Hills State Park as it flows past Dalles Mountain Road to the Columbia River.

My original plan for today was to photograph scenes at McCall Wildlife Preserve in Rowena, located across the Columbia River. After arriving at Rowena Crest, I was greeted with several large hiking groups exploring the area. I don’t mind a few people straying into my shots, but I was not looking forward to having crowds appear in my shot.



Today’s Throwback Thursday photo goes back to November 3, 2009. A paraglider soars above the cliffs east of Maryhill, Washington, on a bluebird day. I thought this was worth the capture from a roadside viewpoint.