Eagle Creek Fire, Sept. 11

Since my last visit out to the Columbia River Gorge on Sept. 3, 2017, the Eagle Creek Fire continues to smolder today.

Cooler temperatures and some rain fell on Saturday added some relief to area. Warmer temperatures and drier conditions with a light breeze returned for Monday.

Interstate 84 on the Oregon side remains closed between Troutdale and Hood River. WA-14 on the Washington side remained open except for commercial trucks.Washington State Department of Transportation set up a checkpoint at milepost 19 in Washougal. One flagger stopped an eastbound truck at the checkpoint and then have it rerouted back west.

Aerial firefighting efforts continue as a Boeing Vertol 247 “Chinook” helicopter dump water onto smoldering spots, similar to the same scene that took place back in 1991.

Bridge of the Gods connecting Cascade Locks to WA-14 remained closed to the general traffic, apparently with restricted access to Cascade Locks residents.