Boaty McBoatface, is that you?

Deep in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge is a raging fire. This raging fire is threatening the small town of Cascade Locks, Oregon, that a mandatory evacuation order for residents to leave. The single-stack ship, Un-Cruise Adventures S.S. Legacy, is moored in the old locks the ships once used to navigate around the rapids before Bonneville Dam wiped it out. 

A crew member hangs a goggley eye from the Un-Cruise Adventures S.S. Legacy wheelhouse window while moored in Cascade Locks, Ore., on Sep. 3, 2017. (Bryan J. Dorr /

The one thing that caught my eye was the crew exiting the wheelhouse with a pair of large discs. One of the crew member unveiled a disc. It was white with a black spot area. Then that disc was hung in front of the wheelhouse window. Then another.

It was googly eyes for a boat.

Is that you, Boaty McBoatface?