Tuesday Morning Mocha

I sit in the small Milwaukie Cafe & Bottle Shop window counter. Looking north, the smoky haze fills the sky as the soft sunlight grows brighter. Barricades with a yellow “caution” tape block SE 32nd Ave. at SE Olsen St. In the distance, a lone police car stares to the south with its headlights on alongside a large tree branch resting on communication wires as it dangles over the street.

Earlier, I snapped a few photos of the scene. As I waited for my mocha, I started composing a brief Snapshot segment “Downed tree closes SE 32nd Ave.” for my website on my phone with WordPress for Android. The typing is a bit tedious with one finger. First, I type in the caption before I can set the image as a featured image. Once that is done, I compose the post.

The mocha was thick, rich chocolate with whipped cream. I sip the mocha and then type some more about the scene. The “Snapshot” segment is pithy with an image taken from the cell phone. It is a good way for me to quickly post something of interest, as the case was for a newsworthy scene this morning.

I have said it before that I want to get away from the journalistic style writing and write in a personal style. When it comes down to my website, it is about my photography and writing. Both go hand-in-hand with my experiences and observations. I can mix the both to share what I know.