Out & About: Portland, Aug. 6, 2017

I felt the need to get back to my photography. I also felt the need to get out of my house. Fortunately, today was cooler and Trimet wasn’t having a system-wide meltdown. I packed my camera and headed into downtown Portland and capture a few scenes, with a lunch stop at Joe’s Burger first.

Today was just a warm-up. I worked with my D610 full-frame and a 35mm prime with my 50mm prime and 24-70mm in tow. I want to keep it short and simple.

The first stop is Keller Fountain. The cool whiff of chlorinated water plummets over concrete sculptures. There are small pools at the top of the fountain to cool off in.

Other images include the towering Wells Fargo Tower and a caution tape on a scaffold.

One funny thing caught my eye. There was a sandwich board sign along Riverplace walkway the read “Soup of the Day: Tequila.” I thought it was funny to find a more boozy than hearty soup!

By the way, the soup sign photo in this gallery is a better quality, taken with my D610. The photo in my previous post in the link above was taken with my cell phone and then posted to this site from my phone during my walk. I’m not sure if I will continue to “rush” such images of very little importance. Stuff like this I’ll wait until I get home to post.