Wiping the Slate Clean and Setting Goals

Sometimes, I feel the need to start over, that is for my online presence. I want to simply wipe the slate clean. Erase the whiteboard or blackboard. A simple reboot.

I spent Sunday rebooting my websites, BJDorr.com and its Twitter at @BJDorr, and my werewolf website, PDXWerewolf.com and its Twitter account at @PDX_WerewolfUS. The reboot involves deleting all website files, reinstalling the WordPress application, rebuilding the database, and customize the WordPress theme. All Twitter tweets for @BJDorr and @PDX_WerewolfUS have been purged.

My goal is to do better focusing on my writing and my photography. BJDorr.com and PDXWerewolf.com are the platforms for sharing my words and images with online world.

Rebooting my website and Twitter rebooting is common and happens about every couple of years. One significant drawback to rebooting a website or social media is that it destroys archiving. Rebooting also has an adverse effect on one’s reputation of being a reliable content provider.

I know the reboots must stop. The task, however, is already done. I hope there will be no more reboots for years to come. Get it right the first time and polish everything up before pressing the “publish” button is the key things here. Keep everything in check, including attitude.

A new photo gallery application was installed for BJDorr.com on a new subdomain at photos.bjdorr.com. I’m quite happy with it after having a few photos available on the gallery. A photo gallery site for PDXWerewolf will not be added since photography is not the primary content of that website.

Let’s see how this all works out going forward, shall we?

(UPDATE July 28, 2017: The subdomain at photos.bjdorr.com has been removed. The photo gallery platform that I used was greatly affecting the webhosting’s inode limit. During a photo gallery upload, the application would create multiple copies of image files in in seven different sizes, generating six new files for each photo uploaded, which goes against the inode limits.)