Seeing the world through a lens.

Greetings! I’m a hobbyist photographer from Milwaukie, Oregon, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I photograph for leisure and on my free will. I enjoy photographing the outdoors, weather, nature, events, or whatever scene captures my eye.

Photography is truly one way to get out and explore. It is also a great way to be creative in many way. The enjoyment I receive from capturing images through the lens can not be enough.

BJDorr.com is my platform where I can share my photographs and experience. Like a painter, this website is my canvas.

BJDorr.com was founded on January 17, 2000. BJDorr.net was added on October 11, 2009 as an alternate domain name.

Email: bryan.dorr@bjdorr.com
Twitter account: @BJDorr

YouTube: BJDorrCom