The Museum of Flight

Museum of Flight tour in Seattle, Washington, on February 12, 2018. (Bryan J. Dorr/

Today, I headed back to the The Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington, for another photo trip.The weather was sunny and cool, which makes it pleasant for touring the Aviation Pavilion.

For my photography, I wanted to work on close-up and detail shots on some of the exhibits. I also wanted to explore different perspectives from available public access.

Tight spaces and Plexiglas protection in some aircraft limits my positioning for a shot. Glare, reflection, and degraded condition like scratches and fingerprints on the Plexiglas protectors adds to the challenge for a quality image.

Another photography challenge is white balance. The museum has a mix of tungsten, LED, fluorescent, and daylight lighting. Most of the museum, except the Apollo and World War I and World War II exhibits, have natural daylight lighting. Some older aircraft interior plastics are yellowing.

Exploring around the museum is fun. Despite of taking many photos at the museum, I prefer to pick a few creative “samplers” to post here on the website.

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