Today Felt Like Spring

A train car in Sellwood. (Bryan J. Dorr/

Partly cloudy and about 63°F at the tail end of January in Portland, Oregon. Today felt like spring. I’m not missing on a good opportunity for a short bike ride.

I normally ride on SE 19th Ave. and SE Umatilla St. SE Linn St., however, passes the historic rail car and the historic O. P. R. Railway Co. Substation. A few days ago, Cyclotram wrote a post about Golf Junction Park, the site of a former streetcar rail junction. After reading “brx0’s” post, I went to go see it for myself.

The blue train car sits in a fenced area with a yellow and black “No Trespassing” sign posted and a possibly an electric fence wire. The lights were on. One of the windows appears to have a hole in it.

O. W. P. & Railway Company Substation. (Bryan J. Dorr/

Across the railroad tracks is a white brick building with a weathered “O. W. P. Ry (Railway) Co. Substation 1905.” I have a love for historic industrial buildings. This building interests me more than the train car. I may have to return for some more photography on this historical building.

The rest of my ride was the usual down to Steel Bridge and across the Willamette River and back across Tilikum Crossing. Pedestrians and bicyclists filled the Springwater Willamette Trail to take advantage of the bluebird day.

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