Road Trip: Klickitat-Goodnoe

Overlook Tree. (Bryan J. Dorr/

The past few days have been rough. I’m just overcoming from being sick over the weekend. My dog and I both needed to get out and see what is out there.

A short road trip was in order. Today’s road trip took me and my dog through Husum, Glenwood, Goldendale, and Roosevelt,  all in south central Washington near the Columbia River.

I looked for anything interesting to photograph.  Usually things that catch my eye are relics, abandoned structures and equipment, natural settings against the weather, or anything else that seems captivating.

The weather was cloudy on the east side. I didn’t think clouds would be an issue, but it did. On Hoctor Rd. over Goodnoe Ridge, visibility dropped to 150 feet. There were two issues here: one, you couldn’t photograph much of anything, and two, it was unsafe to stop along the highway, given the speed and visibility factor.

I enjoyed a great burger for lunch at Columbia River Country Store in Roosevelt, Washington. My return trip was SR 14 and cross back over to Oregon at Biggs Junction and onto I-84. I will admit, it is still difficult for me to see the fire damage in the Columbia Gorge.

On photos, I went with color on the landscape scenes or scenes that offered much color. In the foggy scenes, color was minimal that I preferred to run it as black and white.


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