Loop Via Willamette Greenway, 2016 Total Distance Broken

On the Sellwood Bridge, Jan. 2, 2017. (Bryan J. Dorr/BJDorr.com)

It is Day 2 of the new year and I set out for another ride. Unlike the ride on New Year’s Day where I crossed back over via Tilikum Crossing, I rolled on the Willamette Greenway between South Waterfront and Sellwood Bridge.

Overcast clouds filled the sky. Moderate east wind blew. Northbound and eastbound travel needed a little more effort dealing with headwind.

Willamette Greenway cuts through private property. It also has roots buckling the pathway. The combination of the two means there is speed restrictions.

The replacement Sellwood Bridge that opened in 2016, features 4-foot wide dedicated bike lane makes the ride more manageable. Its 1925-built predecessor had two 8-foot traffic lanes and a single 4-foot sidewalk with lamp posts mounted onto the sidewalk, making the ride more harrowing. You either had to ride in the shared traffic lane or walk your bike across the span.

January 2nd’s ride finished at 14.9 miles, bringing my year ride total to 30.3 miles. That passed my 2017 ride total record of 24 miles.

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