A New Year and First Bike Ride of 2018

Frosty the Snowman still lives. (Bryan J. Dorr/BJDorr.com)

Happy New Year and hello 2018!

It is a new year and I have set new goals. For 2018, I made my goals simply four things: photography, writing, self-improvement, and employment. I think it’s clear that if I want to be better at photography and writing, I must do it more often. I have much work to do on self-improvement, especially with my body weight, diet, and exercise. I also have goals set aside for my employment.

I have not done much photography or blogging in 2017 before rebooting my website last December. In 2017, I rode a total of 24 miles on my bicycle. So, today was just a warm up: a short 15.4-mile bike ride, some photos with my point-and-shoot, and writing a post about it. It will take time and patience to condition back into shape.

Today’s ride was my basic Steel Bridge Loop via Springwater Trail. It’s a very easy 15-mile loop from my house to the Steel Bridge via Springwater Willamette, then along the waterfront, and cross back over on Tilikum Crossing. Tilikum Crossing became my bridge of choice since its opening in September 2015 to cross back over to Springwater Willamette on the return. Before then, I crossed over the Hawthorne Bridge. The Willamette Greenway seems like an interesting choice now with the Sellwood Bridge replacement. I’m not missing the old, bike unfriendly Sellwood Bridge.

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