Detroit Lake recedes

Detroit Lake

A dry year and minimal snow pack this year hasn’t been filling Detroit Lake reservoir. The National Weather Service recorded the pool level on Monday afternoon at 1,445 feet. The full pool level is 1,569 feet. All marinas and boat ramps have closed, including the low-water ramp at Mongold State Park that closed when the water level fell below the minimum of 1,450 feet on Friday. The pool level continues to drop.

The low water does offer a couple of activities that cannot be done when the pool is full. One is take a hike to Piety Island from Detroit Flats. The other is visit Mongold State Park and explore the underwater “ghost town” foundation remains from Detroit Dam construction camp in the 1950s.

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Davis Graveyard haunting the night

Davis Graveyard 2015-10-04

Thursday marked the Davis Graveyard opening for the 2015 Hallowe’en season, although Friday was the first night for the full effects. Davis Graveyard owners Jeff and Chris Davis have continue to amaze visitors from local to afar for the 16th season. The night display is well worth the visit for some nighttime photography.

The notorious life-size Westerman Abbey stands in the driveway for the sixth season. Some props are the same as last year like the hearse and a few statues, but there are also some new props this year. The Davis Graveyard crew built a new mausoleum, new tombstones, and a new statue for 2015. New visual and other effects have been added this year.

Davis Graveyard is a yard haunt display (it is not a haunted house and there are no actors) open for public viewing from the street side. There is no public access into the fenced graveyard and the abbey. There is no cost to view the display, but Davis Graveyard gladly accepts donations. The display is lights only on Monday through Thursday, and full effects Friday through Sunday (weather permitting), all starting after dusk. Full event and display schedule and updates are at

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Tilikum Crossing early evening

Tilikum Crossing

TriMet’s newest MAX “Orange Line” light rail bridge, the Tilikum Crossing, has to now be the most photogenic bridge in Portland. The pedestrian-inviting, dual-tower cable-stay bridge itself is a work of art. It seems more people and apparently walk or bike the span than there on light-rail trains, streetcars, and buses combined. This is likely from the view the bridge offers from its vistas at the towers. At night, lights illuminate the towers and cables with various colors all based on the Willamette River’s temperature and current.¬† These photos tonight were also taken with a new lens, a 24-70mm (x 1.5 for sensor), f 2.8.

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Mass shootings: A big problem spiraling out of control

These mass shootings in the United States is frustrating as it is tiresome. For whatever reason an individual or a group goes and shoots up a school or another public place, none of it is commendable. We have a big problem spiraling out of control in the United States.

These shootings is making the United States of America look really bad to the rest of the world. The Washington Post reported in 2015 alone there has been 294 shootings in the past 274 days. The longest streak without a mass shooting was 8 days in April 2015. posted a map of all the mass shootings since the Sandy Hook shooting on December 14, 2012. tallied at least 986 mass shootings. That’s practically one mass shooting per day in the United States. Three days before Sandy Hook shooting, four miles from my house was the Clackamas Town Center shooting in southeast Portland.

There’s no clear answer to why people are carrying out these heinous acts. Is it mental health? Anger? Notoriety? Thrill? Who knows. There is a strong need to get to the root cause of the problem. Gun control sounds like one solution, but to anyone that is willing to break the law and senselessly murder people isn’t going to care about gun control. Even an individual with a clean, stable background have been known to snap.

As for the shooter, I have no desire to mention or “signal boost” his or her name. The shooter, dead or alive that senselessly kill do not deserve credit, notoriety, or the sensationalism. The shooter deserve to be forgotten.

Some people in the United States of America need to chill out.