‘Blood Moon’ Total Lunar Eclipse

By Bryan Dorr, 15 Apr. 2014 at 00:32 PT
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'Blood Moon' Lunar Eclipse

The ‘Blood Moon’ lunar eclipse happened on the night of April 14 and into April 15, 2014. Clouds obscured the moon at the start, but finally cleared off during the transit and into the eclipse. The lunar eclipse started around 10:50 p.m. PT and finally became a total eclipse around 12:15 a.m.

Rocky Butte

By Bryan Dorr, 14 Apr. 2014 at 21:43 PT
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Rocky Butte

Tonight is the “blood moon” or the full moon lunar eclipse. I hoped to capture the moonrise this evening, however, clouds moving in didn’t make that happen. Instead, here are a few shots from Rocky Butte, an extinct volcanic butte in northeast Portland. The beacon tower is for aircraft at the Portland International Airport nearby.

Holladay Park

By Bryan Dorr, 13 Apr. 2014 at 22:47 PT
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Holladay ParkSpring weather is here and I’m seeing I haven’t put any miles on my bicycle lately. Today, I geared up and set off on a short bike ride to Holladay Park east of downtown Portland and across the street from Lloyd Center shopping mall. Alright, Holladay Park wasn’t my intended destination, but it was a stop before I wandered off to a random destination afterward.

This little park, well, not really that little sits enclosed between a shopping mall, a hotel, and a light rail station. Listen to the people chatting away, the rumbling sound as the light rail train rolls by, and cars whiz on NE Multnomah. There’s a water fountain in the center of the plaza, but the water was turned off for the season.

I haven’t been using my DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera that often, so I wanted to give it a workout today. There are certain things I’m experimenting with on composition, such as framing and depth of field. I’m also experimenting around with the post-processing after downloading images off the camera.

It was great day to head out with the camera!

What is my Twitter avatar?

By Bryan Dorr, 13 Apr. 2014 at 20:40 PT
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Cycle Oregon Weekend 2010

I guess some inquiring minds have wondered what the little avatar you see on my Twitter @BJDorr profile is. I present to you the larger image. This is a selfie of me riding my bicycle on a country road in the 2010 Cycle Oregon Weekend.

I didn’t know it at the time I took the photo, but when I uploaded the photo after I returned home, I was highly amused.

What you see behind me is a combine with darkened windows and a silhouette of the driver sneaking up behind me. In a typical cheesy horror movies, scenes like the one in my photo is how bad things happen. I also started thinking about Stephen Spielberg’s Duel after I saw this image.

Yeah, I love it!


‘Blood Moon’ Cometh

By Bryan Dorr, 13 Apr. 2014 at 19:59 PT
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2008 Lunar Eclispe Composite Image

On April 15, the Tax Man, Wolf Man, and the Blood Moon cometh.

The total lunar eclipse will happen on April 15, 2014, beginning around 9:53 p.m. Pacific Time. The ability to view the lunar eclipse also depends on Mother Nature keeping the clouds away. If for some reason clouds block the moon, here’s the composite image of the total lunar eclipse I photographed on August 28, 2007.