‘WolfCop’ howls with a bloody mess and fun

By Bryan Dorr, 31 Jul. 2014 at 09:36 PT
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(Editor’s note: I have discontinued PDXWerewolf.com on July 26, 2014. There are a few posts of my thoughts and experience worth looking back and re-posting to BJDorr.com. This post originally posted on June 9, 2014 on PDXWerewolf.com.)

Alright, normally when I see movies they are either in the local theater or I wait until video or online release. Never before have I decided to take a 320-mile trip out of the country for a single purpose of seeing a movie in a theater. That is until Sunday when I headed to Vancouver, British Columbia, (not Washington) to go watch WolfCop in a theater.

Why would I do such a thing? For one, WolfCop is a movie about a underperforming, lazy sheriff deputy with a drinking problem that becomes a “wolf cop” werewolf with a drinking problem. WolfCop has been pitched for over the past year and a half. Second, WolfCop is currently screening in Cineplex Odeon cinemas in select Canada cities. Unless you can get to Canada, you’ll have to wait for the international release in September, 2014, but will it be in theaters? I don’t know yet.

Directed and written by Lowell Dean, WolfCop is about a slacking and alcoholic Woodhaven sheriff deputy Lou Garou (Leo Farad) whose  life takes a turn for better or worse when he is attacked and becomes cursed with lycanthropy. His top-performing partner Tina (Amy Matysio) is always picking up the slack, and his chief (Aidan Divine) is constantly breathing down Lou’s neck as the crime-riddle town seems to go unchecked. Lou gets some sidekick help from his dim-witted friend Willie (Johnathan Cherry). As everything goes down, looks can be deceiving, and it’s up to Lou to step up the law enforcement efforts to save the county.

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Can a Walmart ice cream sandwich melt under the sun?

By Bryan Dorr, 29 Jul. 2014 at 17:31 PT
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You may have already heard about the demonstration video going around about the “unmeltable” Walmart ice cream sandwich from KIKN 100.5 FM in Sioux Falls where a Walmart brand ice cream sandwich was left out under the sun and didn’t melt. The report was intriguing and it was something I thought I can easily do. It is sunny and hot today in Milwaukie, so why not? I decided to put this rumor to the test and with another store brand ice cream sandwich for comparison. The result I found is a bit surprising.

The “unmeltable” ice cream in question is one 3.5-ounce Walmart’s Great Value vanilla ice cream sandwich. For a comparison ice cream sandwich, I placed a 4.0-ounce Trader Joe’s low-fat vanilla ice cream sandwich. The test was for one hour and video recorded. Today’s demonstration was outside under sunshine and clear skies, light breeze and temperatures in mid 80s.

So, what happened?

Trader Joe’s ice cream sandwich began melting three minutes into the demonstration. No activity was taking place from Walmart’s sandwich. By five minutes, Trader Joe’s sandwich begins oozing, then pooling until about 18 minutes in the top wafer slides completely off. Meanwhile, Walmart’s Great Value ice cream sandwich shows no sign of melting.

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Tryon Creek State Natural Area

By Bryan Dorr, 28 Jul. 2014 at 21:35 PT
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Tryon Creek State Natural Area

Being in a city does not always mean having towering buildings, noisy traffic, and dazzling signs encapsulating anyone that it should mean escaping town and head to the mountain of solitude. In Portland, Oregon, one escape to nature is only a short bus ride away on the West Hills in southwest Portland: Tryon Creek State Natural Area.

The name Tryon Creek was named after an Oregon settler of 1850 named Dr. Socrates Hotchkiss Tryon. Land acquisition began in 1971 and through 1988, and then Oregon State Parks obtained the 658-acre park nestled in a ravine between SW Boones Ferry Rd. and SW Terwilliger Blvd. for providing a natural area for ecosystem common in the Willamette Valley in the Portland area.

Located off SW Terwilliger Blvd., the Nature Center offers park information, gift purchases, interpretive exhibits, and nature programs. The nearby Glenn L. Jackson Shelter offers a quiet place to sit and enjoy the sounds of the wildlife

Tryon Creek State Natural Area is not a place I can explore in one day. Twenty different trails totaling about 14 miles snake through various parts of the park. Some trails are easy, paved, and barrier free and others are rugged dirt trails. Bicycles are allowed on most paved trails. Horses are allowed in the park on certain trails. The trails are maintained all year round.

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Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge

By Bryan Dorr, 21 Jul. 2014 at 21:58 PT
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Hiking Oaks Bottom

Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, a flood plain tucked between the east bank of the Willamette River and the bluffs of the Sellwood neighborhood, is one of the most spacious and beautiful natural areas in the Portland area. It’s one-mile dirt trail offers a quiet, shaded hike on the eastern edge of the flood basin, with a couple of creeks, footbridges, boardwalks, and an overlook.  The basin is filled with wildflower and grass, except when it’s flooded from high water levels.

As for wildlife, I saw a squirrel and a few ducks perched on a log. My dog saw the squirrel, too, and I just went along for the ride being raked over the gravel.

After the Oaks Bottom basin hike, I hiked west on the paved pathway and under the Oregon Pacific Railroad tracks to the Springwater Willamette path. Look both ways for high-speed bicyclists before crossing the Springwater. A half-mile dirt nature path that runs between the paved pathway and the Willamette River. Most of this hike is in thick wooded area with very few overlooks of the Willamette River and dead-on at Ross Island. The river bank is unstable and may collapse if you get too close to the edge. The nature path is an enjoyable walk, isolated from the busy Springwater Trail.

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Bike Milwaukie History Tour

By Bryan Dorr, 20 Jul. 2014 at 18:02 PT
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Bike Milwaukie History Tour

If there is one way to learn about the history of your city, take a history tour by bicycle.

Bike Milwaukie’s Greg Baartz-Bowman led the forty-rider Sunday ride through Milwaukie neighborhoods, pointing out key historical landmark tour. The ride started out at Milwaukie City Hall approximately 9:30 a.m.then returns to City Hall a few hours later.

The key landmarks were Kellogg Dam and “Milwaukie Bay” riverfront park, historical mansions near along the Willamette River, Pioneer Cemetery, a farmhouse in Ardenwald, former Wichita Elementary School (now Wichita Center for Family & Community), and Milwaukie Museum (opened today only on special request).

The ride was about 10 miles and lasted two and half hours. I volunteered on this ride to take the back to keep the group together.

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Boring Bike Ride

By Bryan Dorr, 20 Jul. 2014 at 00:06 PT
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Boring Ride, July 19, 2014

Saturday’s bicycling journey takes me on a 35-mile round-trip journey to the end of the Springwater Corridor  Trail in Boring, Oregon.

It wasn’t until last December when the trail paving project between SE Rugg Rd. and Boring Station completed and opened to the public.

This ride is very much straight forward with easy access to Springwater Trail from my house to the end.

The Not So Boring Bar & Grill cheeseburger and tater tot lunch was delicious. Cartlandia food cart Melt It’s cherry lemonade was refreshing and sweet.

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Tommy Tutone at Wine:30

By Bryan Dorr, 19 Jul. 2014 at 20:22 PT
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Tommy Tutone at Wine:30

Tommy Tutone’s lead singer Tommy Heath performs a live solo acoustics street performance at Wine:30 in downtown Milwaukie on Saturday night. What a fabtastic night and thank you Tommy Tutone and Wine:30 bar! I love it when downtown Milwaukie becomes lively on summer nights.

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Lunchtime River Cruise on the Portland Spirit

By Bryan Dorr, 18 Jul. 2014 at 17:36 PT
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Lunch Cruise on the Portland Spirit

Of all the years that I’ve lived in Milwaukie, I’ve always wanted to take a cruise on the Portland Spirit. Today, I finally booked reservations, hopped on the TriMet bus to Hawthorne Bridge and boarded the Portland Spirit. The lunch cruise idea sparked yesterday afternoon when I stopped at the Salmon Street Fountain and Portland Spirit’s ticket office during my 50-mile bike ride.

The two-hour, slow-pace journey takes us upstream towards Milwaukie, under the Hawthorne, Marquam, Tilikum, Ross Island, and Sellwood bridges before making a U-turn at Elk Rock Island near Milwaukie. Downstream journey takes us under the same bridges, plus Morrison and Burnside bridges. The Portland Spirit makes another U-turn between Burnside and Steel bridges and back upstream to dock at the Waterfront seawall.

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Capsized Sailboat in Willamette River

By Bryan Dorr, 18 Jul. 2014 at 15:55 PT
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Capsized Sailboat In Willamette River

After spending a good two-hour lunch cruise on the Portland Spirit today, I walk back across the Hawthorne Bridge to catch my bus back to Milwaukie. As I’m walking, I look down and spot a yellow and white sailboat capsized and a life jacket floating along the Willamette River east bank. Next to is a salvage barge likely planning on the salvage operations. I don’t know how the boat capsized, but I hope that all on board are alright (likely so with a short swim to shore on a warm day).

Bicycle Ride: 50-Miler for July 17, 2014

By Bryan Dorr, 17 Jul. 2014 at 23:03 PT
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50-Miler: July 17, 2014

It’s been a long time (actually, since March 2013) when I last rode my traditional 50-mile loop. What I can tell you is the nice, warm and clear day brought a smile to my face. The ride also allowed me to make a few critiques about my ride. Indeed, I do need to start riding more and start getting my body back into shape. I certainly felt it in my legs for sure.

The ride turned out nice and uneventful. The only real issue I faced was the freshly laid gravel connecting Springwater Trail and SE 28th Ave. in Milwaukie that about caused me to crash (I’ll save that for a whole another post).

I certainly need to start riding more and get my body back into shape. How would I rate this day? It was “suntastic!”

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