Liz’s Creative Cafe is closing at end of July

Well, this is a real bummer. My local coffee shop has announced they will be closing at the end of the month.

Liz’s Creative Cafe in the heart of Ardenwald neighborhood in Milwaukie, announced their final day in business is July 31, 2016, after two years in operation.

Inside the old yellow and brown building on the corner of SE 32nd Ave. and SE Olsen St., coffee and delicious foods were served. Hand-crafted art pieces hung from the wall. One half of the room was for sitting, reading, or working on art. The other half of the room was a toddler play area. The cafe catered to both artists and children.

A mural on the north exterior, recently completed earlier this week, depicts the active social life inside the cafe.

I personally enjoyed Liz’s food and coffee. The artwork makes the atmosphere more enjoyable. Offering wine and beer is a bonus. I found it almost therapeutic doodling or typing away while sipping on a mocha, assuming the children in the play area are quiet and well-behaved.

Thank you for all you have done, Liz. I certainly will miss you.